how it workd ipad iphone android publisher editorial syste,The publishing market is quickly moving toward fruition increasingly simplified and mobile via iPad, iPhone, Smartphones and Android tablet.

Through our service will allow you to adapt and reuse the content to be printed easily and will allow and generate new revenue streams and/or increase visibility.

i3Factory Editorial is the easy, fast and inexpensive way to automatically publish your content on the App Store , Android Market and Amazon App store.

We offer a completely automated install and integrate it to your sites and managed in order to improve the process of publication and distribution to readers.






Respect your brand, layout and graphic style for iPad and Android magazine publications

Respect for your content

We offer the highest respect for your image or brand.
Not require strong experience in the field and work without any kind of mediation between you and your readers.






iPad, iPhone and android flexible app business

Flexible Business

Application will be published as free App or you can choose whether to sell your app pricing, or sell individual content or offer a subscription fee to your readers.



Integration and Freedom

On request we can integrate the i3F Editoral on your site and / or your system. If you do not have any infrastructure we can handle, on request, all the procedures for publishing directly on our Clouds.

Your publication will become a custom application available on the App Store, Android Market and Amazon's App Store.

Your readers will ever immediate access to your last recent editions.





app store user interface editorialipad android user interfaceSimple User Interface

The player retains and enhances the viewing experience of a real newspaper. Leafing through the pages the same way it's possible to improve the readability of characters with a simple gesture of the fingers.

The i3Factory Editorial interface has been designed to have a natural reading experience, just like reading a journal paper.








Hello I am an Educational Publisher.
We want to publish our books in tablet version (iOS and Android).
We are looking for a system to publish an interactive content with videos, animations,... and the possibility to enter in our library and sign in to download the books.
In first moment we'll want to convert our PDF to tablet format and after we want to create an interactive content.
I need to know if i3F editorial can do it.
How can I author the book (indesign)?
Can I  store the books in my web server?
It's possible to create a database to verify what the student can download?
How did you compare with Adobe DPS? I need a system like DPS but without downloads fees.
What's the price of the software?
Sorry about my english


i3F Answer:

In order to author your book you can use any tool you like, provided you're able to generate a PDF for it.

InDesign it's ok, normally we ask to our customers a pdf sample to evaluate the compatibility with our reader, highlight issues and provide hints to improve perfomances. The PDF file itself can contain links, annotations and outlines if you want to provide the user access to these features, but even if your document doesn't support these features we can add them at a later stage using our editorial (without the need to change the source PDF).

As far as interactive content, we provide direct support for multimedia (video and sounds), while for rich content we can overlay on top of the PDF page any kind of html5 widget, provide it is compatible with iOS (e.g. flash is not supported). Also in this case you don't need to change the PDF, all is done in the back-end.
In order to manage your issues (availability, covers, multimedia support) we provide a simple web-application called "i3f editorial". You can change it at your convenience or completely replace with your own backend as we provide full specs to allow our customers to integrate our editorial with their CMS (if any).

The main difference with Adobe DPS is from a technical point of view related on the final document that it's sourced to the iPad.
Infact Adobe DPS is based on Adobe tools but the final result is a set of pre-rendered images. This is efficient from the point of view of pure rendering (especially when the page contains a lot of graphical content) but the disk space taken by an average publication can be well over 100MB, which requires longer download times and disk space constraints on 8GB/16GB devices (you cannot keep more than 2 or 3 issues of the same publication). Our approach is fully based on PDF, which is optimized when you have a lot of text or vectorial graphics. The space taken by PDF is 10x less than the average Adobe DPS book or magazine and rendering is performant with the exception of books which are mainly made of bitmapped images. We override all limitations of PDF format by overlaying all multimedia content (video, sound, html5 and also custom objective-c objects for very specific purposes). The advantage of this approach is that we limit PDF to basic page rendering while all rich content is written in native Objective-C code and so it's quite performant.All books can be stored in your web server, we can provide you our web-based solution to manage the content (it's php-based). If you don't want to use our editorial and you want integrate your final authoring in your design flow we provide the simple specs required by our app. We can also help you in integrating your environment with our.
As far as user monitoring, we have not added this feature yet in our system, but we can customize our framework for your needs in order to provide this functionality.
Finally, our costs are quite lower than Adobe DPS, you pay us just once (for the iPad/iPhone , Android, app and all customizations) and we don't ask for download fees. You have the total ownership of the final app binary and full control of your content. The price starts from 2000,00 Euro for iPad or Android base version, budget can be higher with options and with customizations.



Can I publish multiple magazines, multiple brands?


i3F Answer:

If you want to publish an app to distribute multiple titles you can do that but outside of Apple's Newsstand as Newsstand rules require that each app can distribute one magazine only.
i3Factory provides to publishers with multiple magazine titles the possibility to build multiple apps, one app for each magazine, and maintain a link between all these apps.
How can we do that? in the main page of each of the applications, together with the covers of the magazine sold through the application, there will be gallery with all covers of last numbers of all magazines distributed by the publisher through Newsstand apps.
When the user touches one of those covers, the corresponding app will be opened if it has been downloaded yet, or the App Store app will open the magazine app page where the user has the possibility to download it.
In this way the publisher has the possibility to show in real time for each of his apps the covers of all other magazines, with direct access to them or to their App Store page but without losing the benefits offered by Newsstand.
We call this offer "Newsstand with multiple titles".





1. For the introduction of new products is there a management console?
Here for "new products" mean a magazine issues associated with an application already published. In this case, there is a web console that allows the loading of the magazines, the insertion of the metadata (title, number, description), the connection with the App Store (for publications for sale) and sending to the publication . Currently the entire console is under complete makeover to version 2.0 (in beta test will first be given to some customers and then be made available permanently from September 2016).

2. What are the timing of publication of a new magazine?
The publication is instantaneous and is decided by the customer.

3. Payment is possible only through the Play Store and App Store? If you how much is the percentage of profit?
Pubblications should be sold through in-app purchase systems provided by the platform operators, in both cases the fee required by Google and Apple is 30% on the selling price is determined by the publisher. It is theoretically possible to predict purchases also through different channels (like PayPal) but in any case this should not be exclusive and the price should not be lower, in effect making the unused functionality. You can narrow this limitation and avoid paying the fee by using the type applied techniques on Amazon Kindle: the magazine is purchased on the website and then can be downloaded from the app. But this technique is not particularly fruitful if you do not have an alternative distribution channel, such as Amazon through the Kindle reader, or an editor through the paper magazine. We do not expect this functionality natively in the product, as each publisher may already have its own e-commerce system, however, we foresee the possibility of version 2.0 of our console, provide a download mode via login, just like Kindle, in front of a work of integration with e-commerce publisher and that goes dimensioned from time to time.

4. Entry to the various app portals to carry us and you provide the app to post?
Registration of web portals precisely up to the customer which will give us the login credentials for the publication of the application. In the case of free applications we can offer the possibility of publishing through our account.

5. App is manageable archive? And you can buy an old copy belonging to the archive? How many copies you can store and manage?
There are some limitations. All magazines are visible to application sumers and the publisher can determine through the portal which remove from the catalog. You can buy any number at any time and the final price is always set by the publisher. Finally, the user can keep the app all the magazines that want as long as the device's storage capacity or may choose to keep in memory only a few numbers and leave in archives other purchases that can be downloaded at any time. The motto: "digital purchases are valid for ever."

6. What payment packages can be configured?

You can configure both the purchase of individual copies that the management of subscriptions, even with different durations.

7. You can create discount codes to get discounts or copies as gifts?
Using purchases "in app" you can create coupons for free download. On the other hand it is possible in the application (as an option) to load the unique codes generated by our management and that the user can use to download the magazines. In this case, however, we will not be able to uniquely assign the user to the magazine because the login data of the App Store are never available for reasons related to privacy of the users of the devices; this means that in the event of cancellation of the application will not be possible recupare the magazine. Therefore use in this case is limited to precisely launch promotions or events.

8. From the official store we could have data on who buys the product or are protected by privacy?

The analytics are aggregated and therefore does not provide individual data. The only way to be able to go back to the client's data is to enter a login function (which we expect) but to be optional. In this case, you can "draw" the user.

9. You can use push notifications? If so, how?
Our system uses external push sending services, extremely reliable. The sending of push can be controlled directly by the management. Given the nature of the application the push will be "broadcast" that is sent to all users without distinction. Usually it used to notify the availability of new numbers. Normally we apply a limit to the number of push that can be sent on a monthly basis, the limit of course depends on the package purchased.

10. It is possible, and in the case as, connecting multimedia objects to PDF?

The native PDF libraries of mobile operating systems do not support multimedia objects natively. For this reason, our system provides the ability to upload these elements through the management and link to the PDF using internal hyperlinks to PDF (the technique is called "overlay"). With version 2.0 of the platform we will provide a loading graphic system of those who do not overlay the PDF file editing will make it necessary.

11. You can have the email of the person buying the product in order to plan (by us) marketing campaigns?
It is number 8. No answer, unless you enter a login system (provided by us, but optional).

12. You can manage advertising space in the app? If so, how?
Currently we supply through the management the ability to upload static interstitial (ie images, no video) with its external links. These interstitials can be associated with one or more publications and you can determine the "degree of intrusion" always by the management. We are still open to the development of alternative solutions that we dovessere be required.

13. How do you manage the publication and archives? there is a control panel for the site or is handled everything at file level?
There is a control panel. see answer 1.

14. The app on iOS would be published in the newsstand section of the App Store or as a normal app?
The choice is up to the customer. It is important to remember that you can always convert an app from normal to "Newsstand" but not vice versa. Please note that by iOS9 the Newsstand feature has been greatly weakened and no longer has the exclusive character of the earlier versions.

15. In the case of iOS and Android updates what is your policy and timing of the app update?
We recommend our customers the annual hosting policy, which provides among other things a "standard" application update. Usually we carry out the concurrent update of the official release of the new annual release of the application, taking the opportunity to also handle any customer requirements (type: change icon, graphic changes, etc.). Note that with the progress of the versions the operating system is increasingly difficult to maintain backward compatibility with previous versions, so we guarantee each update compatibility with the current version and the previous version, in this way ensuring a 90% coverage of the devices (in any case the old applications continue to run, simply will not be updated).

16. The app is optimized for smartphones as well as tablet?
Yes, our apps are "universal", so they work equally on smartphones and tablets. Keep in mind of course that the presentation of the PDF can not change and therefore the reading experience on your smartphone will be influenced by the readability of the whole PDF page to the small screen.






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