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Our target:


agencies & webmasters                         Publishers and independent authors


Respect for your brand and image: i3Factory specialist is your technology partner. The Web will include i3Editorial through our agent, or use our CloudServices.

i3Factory does not work directly with Customer and Publishers .

Dealers and agents manages the business on his own behalf.

Compared with the brand and image App.

Working directly from mockapp.

Ability to become agency for territorial concession for i3Editorial

i3Editorial permit the installation of software components on your servers.

Any software installed on the server that is totally open with the possibility of changes and additions by the webmaster.

Webservices for the totally self-managed app.

Server Technology: All systems supported with procedure in PHP

i3Editorial is a distributed system:

a) Small and Medium publishers or single warhead

b) Large or multiple editors tested

Possibility of use with in-house server infrastructure i3Factory Cloud.

Publishers who do not have a webmaster or internal agency management will turn to our agents or dealers.

i3Editorial allows all independent authors who are unable to turn to consultants to take advantage of the Inhouse Service.

Possibility to use Cloud server infrastructure i3Factory.

Possibility to publish their work through a personal author App.


One time Costs (UNA TANTUM), no maintenance required , there are no costs or limits on usage of the app in terms of number of users and readers as well as number of issues.

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